CES Ltd Economic and Social Research is  a non profit research company,  focusing  on the spatial aspects of economic and social change, and the organisation and  delivery of private and public services.                                                                      info@ces.org.uk

Our main activities are:

  • Modelling the competition between  shopping locations across Great Britain, to predict  where people will shop in the next few years. The model – ‘CES Aegis’, was originally calibrated against survey data
  • Modelling the potential impact of shopping developments – CES Aegis has been used to assess  major national and regional shopping destinations and small district centres.
  • Modelling  geographic usage patterns for other services –  such as medical and other public services. 
  • Projecting  the geographic variation in population and  spending by households, on different goods and services up to ten years ahead.
  • Analysing  how organisations can be structured to deliver services to users on a one to one personal basis. This uses simulation methods.
  • Comment and analysis on  economic and social issues – including energy alternatives.

Our approach is to  analyse social and economic change, using formal models where appropriate, so as to understand the  processes underlying change.

Dr. T. A. Broadbent (Andrew Broadbent)  is the research director. Other  research associates collaborate  as appropriate.